Tony Knighton is…

Tony Knighton

…an American crime fiction author known for his lean, suspenseful writing style. He is a career firefighter in Philadelphia, which has influenced his writing and given him a unique perspective on the darker aspects of urban life.

Some of his notable works, published by Brash Books, include:

A Night at the Shore (January 8, 2024): A professional thief takes his girlfriend on a trip to the shore—but only to check out an easy heist he can’t resist. She’s had enough of his criminal life and intends to leave him. The “easy” job goes bad fast, trapping him on an island in the midst of a deadly storm… pursued by the law and ruthless killers. He has to escape or he’s going to lose the woman he loves… if he doesn’t lose his life first.

A Few Days Away (2021): On Valentine’s Day, a professional thief and his partner robbed a bank in a Central Pennsylvania town. It all went well until it didn’t. His partner dead and the money gone, the injured thief barely got away. Four months later, he goes back for his money.

Three Hours Past Midnight (2017): This novel follows a career criminal who partners with another to pull off a lucrative heist. Things go awry. The narrator goes on the hunt, but finds himself embroiled with, and on the run from dangerous adversaries.

Happy Hour and Other Philadelphia Cruelties (2015): This collection of short stories showcases Knighton’s talent for exploring the darker side of life in the city of Philadelphia. The stories delve into the world of crime, corruption, and betrayal, featuring a wide range of complex characters and situations.

In addition to his books, Tony has had short stories published in various crime fiction anthologies and magazines, further establishing himself as a respected voice in the genre.